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• August 8, 2005
Comicbookresources.com has a very interesting talk with writer Phil Jimenez on his mini-series DC Special: The Return of Donna Troy. Lot's of fun tibits and teasers!! Go read it now!!

• July 17, 2005
The Coop has hooked us up with 3 more awesome new wallpapers featuring the kids from Cartoon Network's Teen Titans. Check 'em out!!

• July 7, 2005
to Newsarama.comTeen Titans Join Bandai America for a Super Hero Invasion at Comic-Con 2005

Bandai America's booth at the 2005 San Diego Comic-Con will be transformed into "Teen Titans Central" on Saturday, July 16th from 4:45-6:45PM. During this time only, all fans will be given a limited edition 1.5" translucent figure of Beast Boy in mid-transformation. Voice talent scheduled to appear include Ron Perlman ("Slade"), Khary Payton ("Cyborg"), Greg Cipes ("Beast Boy"), Hynden Walch ("Starfire") and Tara Strong ("Raven"). Producers David Slack and Glenn Murakami, who specially designed the exclusive autograph card for Comic-Con attendees, will also be on hand.
Read the press release!!

• July 3, 2005
to Newsarama.com From Newsarama: CHO DRAWS THE TITANS FOR BALTIMORE
Year in, year out, Baltimore Comicon organizer Marc Nathan has gotten some choice promotional art for his show, and this year is no different. Making the rounds on Baltimore Comicon fliers he had at his booth at this past weekend's Heroes Con in Charlotte the Wolfman/Perez era New Teen Titans by Frank Cho.

In commenting to Newsarama about the piece, which he commissioned for the show, Nathan said, "Yeah, this Cho guy just might have a future."

For more on the Baltimore Comicon, click here.

• June 28, 2005
Here's the doings:
Rob Liefeld has got some preview pages from Teen Titans #27 & 28 up at Newsarama.
Tony Daniel, who's drawing Teen Titans #26, also pops up at Newsarama to reveal that he's coming back after Liefeld's run to draw Titans #30-33!
George Perez dropped by The Pulse to talk about the 25th anniversary of the New Teen Titans, the Teen Titans cartoon, the New Teen Titans: Games graphic novel, The Return of Donna Troy...
• And take a look at Comics coming in September!!

• June 24, 2005
Pre-Order from Amazon.com3rd Teen Titans DVD, GO! Date, Box Art, Price, Extras!
From TVShowsonDVD:
Teen Titans - Season 2, Volume 1: Fear Itself is coming later this year from Warner Home Video. Running at 132 minutes, it should contain the first 6 episodes of the second season ("How Long Is Forever?", "Every Dog Has His Day", "Terra", "Only Human", "Fear Itself", and "Date With Destiny"). Additionally you will see extras that include the "Inside Titans Tower" featurette.

Cost for all of this is $19.97 SRP (the "MAP", or minimum advertised price, is $14.95), and it will be available to buy on September 20th.
Pre-Order from Amazon.com.

• May 31, 2005
Gail Simone talks to Comic Book Resources about writing Teen Titans, Hawk & Dove and working with Rob Liefeld! Read All About It!!

• May 22, 2005
The Silver-Age Titans are takin' over in August:
DC Special: The Return of Donna Troy #3 & 4: In the stunning conclusion, DONNA TROY must choose sides for once and for all!
Aquaman #33: TEMPEST is just itching for a fight over Aquaman's wife, Mera!
Hawkman #43: The secret history of the GOLDEN EAGLE is revealed!
Teen Titans/Outsiders Secret Files 2005: What's the deal with the crazy Titan who calls herself the JOKER'S DAUGHTER ?

Buy from  Amazon.com
Teen Titans - Season 1, Volume 1: Divide and Conquer
Teen Titans - Season 1, Volume 2: Switched
Teen Titans - Season 2, Volume 1: Fear Itself

Nightwing - Pre-Order from Amazon.com
Batman's sidekick Robin became Nightwing, leader of the Teen Titans, in 1984's TALES OF THE TEEN TITANS #44! This figure features multiple points of articulation, includes a base and a mini-reproduction of the comic in which the character first appeared.
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• May 11, 2005
Donna returns!
• On May 25, the first issue of a four-part mini-series brings Troia to the front of the DC Universe: DC Special: The Return of Donna Troy #1. It also marks the debut of the new DC Comics logo!!
• You can catch a preview of the gorgeous Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez/George Perez art at DCComics.com (free adobe reader required). --and-- at Newsarama.com.
• Then on June 1, a new trade-paperback comes out to get everybody up to speed: New Teen Titans: Who is Donna Troy?
• If that weren't enough...apparently Donna's somehow involved in the finale of the Teen Titans/Outsiders cross-over: Outsiders #25

• May 6, 2005
Writer Phil Jimenez digs a little deeper into the Return of Donna Troy @ Newsarama!!

• May 5, 2005
George Perez, co-creator of the New Teen Titans and redesigner of the post-Crisis Wonder Woman, has signed a 5-year exclusive contract with DC Comics. During which time he'll be inking DC Special: The Return of Donna Troy, drawing the graphic novel Teen Titans: Games, and doing the covers to Infinite Crisis. You can read all about it at Newsarama.com, including previews of Donna Troy art!!

• May 3, 2005
Time to get caught up!
Sorry there haven't been any updates lately -- been dealing with life. Here's what's coming!:

• The Teen Titans Cartoon Network schedule is now updated through the beginning of June.
Tony Daniel is drawing Teen Titans #26, coming in July. And possible doing more future Titans stuff.
Rob Liefeld is working on a couple issues of Teen Titans, written by Gail Simone (Birds of Prey, Action Comics, Villains United). Who thought that was a good idea?

• February 21, 2005
I've finally gotten in some time on the Reprint Checklist. It's 3 pages now, instead of two. I'm sure it's still not complete, but it's definitely more comprehensive!!

• January 22, 2005
Amazon.com has got the Contemporary Teen Titans Series 2 action figures (which includes Superboy, Kid Flash, Ravager and Brother Blood) available for pre-order! Pre-Order from Amazon.com Pre-Order from Amazon.com Pre-Order from Amazon.com Pre-Order from Amazon.com
Titans in September!

The comic book based on the TV-series!

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